Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bee happy ..... wall murals

Do you love or hate wall murals?
Would you have one in your home?

Would you use wallpaper or paint to achieve a wall mural?
I must admit that I do love them in the pictures but not sure if I could live with one on a wall.
What about you?
Bee happy x


  1. Tromplo is gorgeous in any part of the world! Although some climates ( natural light) compliments this better than others....Wallpaper not a fan. At times I want to attack my walls with the part of the world I Should Be Living In! and not northern Freezing Canada!

  2. I love wall murals and am actually contemplating putting one in our lounge when we decorate. However the sensible side of me says don't do it, you'll be fed up with it after a few weeks.
    Ali x


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