Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bee happy .... love a dressing room

I have seriously been considering turning a spare bedroom into a dressing room.
Would you rather have a dressing room that you used every day?

Or have a spare bedroom which is used to store the finished ironing and dry clothes?

Which would you have?
Spare bedroom or dressing room?
Bee happy x


  1. I would love to have The Dressing Room! Then I would have married well and had people ironing and tending to the domestic duties. Besides , extra bedroom leaves room for uninvited relates! xoxoxoxoDebi

  2. Hi Deborah, we have moved house and originally our spare room was going to be a craft room but as I mainly crochet now and have a crochet bag downstairs,, we have it as a dressing room ( with a small amount of craft bits in pretty baskets and boxes). I re read Diary of a house move while we were in the process of moving and it had me laughing all over again. Please write more I love your sense of humour.


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