Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bee happy .... update your sofa for Spring

A great way of updating your lounge for Spring is adding new cushions or even covering your sofa.
We have had brown leather sofa for years from Ikea and I decided to update them with the cream covers they sell.
The sofas now look like new ones and the living room looks a lot brighter.
I made some new cushion covers with some vintage style fabric I have been hoarding for a few years!
Everything looks a lot brighter!

Bee happy x


  1. Pillow Fight!
    I love to change up the coverings, then watch the look of horro when someone thinks I've spent a fortune! ( lololo lol )

  2. Your sofa looks so fresh and springlike with its smart new covers and pretty new cushions - good old Ikea!
    Gill xx


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